...czyli co w trawie piszczy?

Our first island awaits its visitors

The biggest problem, which is hard to solve and causes the most damage in the area, is the varying water level. When spring comes, water usually floods the area because of how the shoreline was built, creating grounds that are sufficient for birds to hunt and rest during their spring migration. As the time passes and the water level drops, islands and splits begin to emerge. Those are eagerly occupied by terns, plovers and oystercatchers. The area where the birds build their nests rises to a dozen or so centimeters above the water level. Every little rise or drop of the water level can lead to a loss of clutch. These fluctuations are usually very transient. Birds can protect themselves against it by repeating the hatch. It has been noticed, that the most threatening water level fluctuations occur in June and July, because it is too short a period for the young birds to grow before leaving their nesting sites. (G. Sępołowicz – „Czynne metody ochrony ptaków na żwirowniach Kaleńsko i Chlewice”, Poznań 2013) The answer to the problem are the floating platforms. The first of them is ready and awaits birds coming from their winter habitats. We installed it in the reservoir of Kaleńsko.

zdowOur first island awaits its visitors